Kicking off NextView’s Startup “Fundraising Month”

Topics: Fundraising

The beginning of September always seems to mark the unofficial end of summer.  While the proverbial joke about venture capitalists being completely out on vacation in August is only partially true, things do really change after Labor Day.  Whereas a couple weeks ago, nailing down meetings various VC partners was likely going to be tough, everyone is now back in the office and ready to engage.

Now, then, is one of the most opportune times of year to fundraise for Seed (and later) rounds of capital.  As a result, for Founders, the next couple months until Thanksgiving becomes a fundraising season of sorts.

With that as a backdrop, we at NextView are kicking off a “Fundraising Month” blog series.  Every day this month of September, we will share a new post that we believe will help entrepreneurs who are starting to fundraise a new round.  Throughout the month, you’ll see blog posts that cover tips to help find the right VCs to pitch, how much capital to should raise, how to nail the pitch, as well as other directly relevant topics.  Some of what we’re sharing we’ve written previously and are updating to reflect today’s environment, as well as some new content.

So you can follow along on our social channels, where we will share a new article everyday tagged with #FundraisingMonth.   If you have any topics you’d like to see covered, or any questions you want answered, please reach out to us. You can comment below or tweet any of us (@robgo, @davidbeisel, @leehower, @melodykoh, @nextviewvc).

First up: The Road to Raising Seed Capital: Crucial Steps to Know