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State of VC 2.0
10 Reflections After 10 Years of NextView
Is the Future of Healthcare a Telehealth Company for Every Condition?
Thoughts on Repeat Founders
Reflecting On Parenthood & Entrepreneurship
Mercenaries, Missionaries, and Crusaders
Keeping A List, Maybe Two
Choosing a VC Is Like a Marriage. But Pitching VC's is NOT Like Dating
Why Do Consumer IPOs and B2B IPOs Get Treated Differently?
The End of Syndication
Why I Don't Bet on a Pivot
Coachability is Overrated
Why LP’s Passed on Seed Funds 10 Years Ago (And What's Happened Since)
Airbnb S-1 (Part 1): So How Profitable Is This Thing Really?
What Do Your Customers Want to Buy?
Traction Creates Opportunity
How Covid-19 Has Impacted VC Portfolios
Economic Access for Mass Market Workers - What We Are Excited About
The Shift from FOMO to FOLD in Early Stage Investing
20/20/20 - Harley Earl: Design Icon, Seer of Our Autonomous Vehicle Future
20/20/20: Innovators & Entrepreneurs From the 20th Century Who Are Helping Shape the 21st
Being A Pro
Which Markets Are the Most And Least Served by Seed Investors?
Why Is There So Much Turnover In Venture Capital?
How is the VC Asset Class Doing?
What’s the Deal with Seed Funds Waiting for Traction?
Pre-Seed Rounds Aren’t Going Away, But Pre-Seed Funds Are
Thoughts on Organic Deal Flow
Some Thoughts on Ownership
“Peace of Mind” Businesses
Chewy S-1: Category Leadership + Conveyor Belt Into Consumers' Homes
The Road Less Traveled: Non-Standard Early Stage Funding Paths
Sharp Elbows Among Seed VCs
Back to The Future: Power of SMS-Native
Two Hires That Early Stage Companies Usually Wait Too Long To Make
Going Beyond the “Founder Show”
Lyft S-1: Kicking Off the Decacorn Bonanza of 2019
After Organic - The Next Multi-Decade Food Megatrend
What I’ve Learned in the Last 5 Years as a VC that I Didn’t Appreciate in the First 5

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Investing in the Care Economy
Oct 20, 2021 · 3  min
Investing in the Care Economy
One of the themes that we have been investing against for some time has been in what we’d call the “Care Economy”. This comprises the time [...]
What’s new with NextView? The story behind our NextView.vc website refresh
As someone relatively new to the VC space, I was particularly struck by the partners’ collective reflections regarding what has changed and what has remained the [...]
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Congrats Jambb!
Oct 13, 2021 · < 1  min
Congrats Jambb!
Congrats to the team at Jambb on their recent $3.5M seed round. The round was co-led by Arrington Capital and Animoca Brands, both investors focused on [...]
Dispense: Building the Transaction Layer of an Entire New Industry
Dispense recently announced their $2M seed round, which we are pleased to have led here at NextView. Dispense is a B2B software company, focused on transaction software [...]
State of VC 2.0
Sep 14, 2021 · 8  min
State of VC 2.0
This post is inspired by some of the earliest conversations I have had with the team here at NextView and since the beginning of my VC [...]
Collections: Themes and thoughts
Welcoming Jack Abramowitz to Our Investment Team
I’m excited to announce that Jack Abramowitz has joined our investment team at NextView.  He will be based in our office in New York and looking [...]
Collections: NextView News