NextView’s Early Stage Startup Guide: Product

Welcome to the first installment of the NextView Ventures Early Stage Startup Guides. Over the years, we’ve worked with, and talked to thousands of founders just starting out. Every stage of building a company comes with a certain set of challenges, and we have written a lot of content around the earliest set of challenges. That’s why we decided to create a series of guides that help tackle some of these early stage problems. A collection of some of our greatest hits, and some new content, put into one helpful package for founders navigating building a company.

The first guide we are releasing is around product. Creating a successful company can hinge on whether or not you build a product that people want. However, as an early team, you probably haven’t brought on a full time PM yet. This guide will help you figure out how to navigate building a product people will love prior to hiring a full time PM, and figuring out when the right time to bring someone on is. we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. Challenges of Product Development
  2. Getting Great Feedback from Customers
  3. Thoughtful & Clever Product Experiences
  4. Building a Great Product Before Your First PM
  5. How to Hire the First PM

Moving forward, we’ll release more of these startup guides on other topics critical to the success of early-stage teams such go-to-market, hiring & talent, and fundraising. Stay tuned for these upcoming guides, and make sure to let us know which guide you would like to see next over on Twitter (@NextViewVC)!


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