Pebble Finance: Personalized ETFs for Everyday Investors

We’re excited for the Pebble Finance team, which yesterday announced their $5M seed round. Pebble has created personalized index ETFs for everyday people to invest and save for their future.

Index investing has been one of the most transformative forces in the investing world over the last several decades, starting with index mutual funds pioneered by Jack Bogle’s Vanguard Group, and today, evolving to a panoply of exchange-traded funds. Well over $10 trillion in assets are invested in index funds, enabling millions of everyday people to invest in a broad basket of stocks in a low-cost way to build wealth, save for retirement, and other goals.

But until now, individual investors have been faced with a choice of buying the whole index with these products or trying to pick individual stocks to invest in. Increasingly, people want the option to personalize their investment decisions, expressing their views on specific market opportunities or broader societal factors. Someone might want to invest in the S&P 500 but without exposure to fossil fuel companies. Another investor may want to overweight semiconductor companies given the long-run growth prospects.

Pebble makes it easy to create a truly personalized ETF, all within their user-friendly mobile app. Investors can start investing in their personalized index today with no minimum up-front investment. Before Pebble, this type of personalized indexing had only been available to large institutional investors or extremely wealthy individuals via separately managed accounts. Pebble’s product and underlying infrastructure democratize these personalized ETFs so anyone can utilize these investment strategies.

We’re excited to support Justin, James, and the whole Pebble team in this next phase of building. You can check out Pebble’s beta app today in the Apple App store or Google Play store, and there will be even more to come in the months and years ahead.