Welcoming Jack Abramowitz to Our Investment Team

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I’m excited to announce that Jack Abramowitz has joined our investment team at NextView.  He will be based in our office in New York and looking to invest in companies across the US.

Although Jack is relatively early in his career, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge as an operator and investor from his experiences at fintech unicorn Better.com, Common Ocean, and Goldman Sachs.  Given the heritage of our firm, fintech has been part of our investment portfolio from the beginning, from our investments in Upserve and Plastiq as well as our more recent investments in companies like Lula and Carefull.  We look forward to having Jack onboard to bolster our efforts in this important space while he also expands his horizons to other areas within our core thesis.

Perhaps more importantly, we’ve been impressed with Jack’s hunger to learn and his authentic drive to support founders and the startup ecosystem. We heard from multiple founders that Jack is one of the sharpest and also one of the kindest investors they know, even among founders that he has never invested in directly.  We feel very lucky that he is joining our small and tight knit team, and are confident that he will have an enormous impact on our firm.

Welcome Jack!  We are so excited to have you on board and look forward to the years ahead!