Welcoming Melody Koh to the NextView Team

We are very excited today to announce that Melody Koh is joining NextView as a Venture Partner based in our New York office.

For those of you who don’t know Melody, she was an early member of the team at Blue Apron, joining the company as their first PM and eventually going on to lead their product, design, and analytics teams. Melody was instrumental to the hyper-growth phase of Blue Apron. She joined the company when it was about 20 people at their NY headquarters, helped the company scale revenue 25X in 3.5 years, and lead them towards their recent IPO. She had previously held roles at Fab.com as well as being the founder and CEO of a seed-funded company in the food and beverage space.

Melody will be a full-time member of the NextView investment team, and like the rest of us, blends intense passion as a builder with an enthusiasm for championing founders at the very early stages. In addition to her operating and entrepreneurial roles, Melody was also a venture investor at Time Warner’s strategic VC group and was one of six inaugural members of First Round Capital’s Product Co-op initiative.

We are very lucky to have Melody join us as we are just beginning to invest NextView III and looking to continue to invest actively in the thriving New York tech ecosystem. As one of the best product minds around and as someone who has spent virtually her entire career redesigning the Everyday Economy, we are confident that Melody will have a huge influence on NextView and will be a great partner to any founder she works with.

If you know Melody, please take a moment to congratulate her when you get a chance. She is currently taking a much-deserved break and will be joining us in mid-October.

If you’d like to read her perspective on why she’s joining NextView, click here. And if you want to get in touch with her, she’s @MelodyKoh on Twitter and on Medium as well.