Why We Invested in Prequel: The Future of ETL and Data Sharing

I’m excited to announce our seed investment in Prequel, which we are thrilled to be partnering on with our friends at Stage 2 Capital. You can read the update from the team at Prequel here

Prequel is revolutionizing the ETL paradigm and reimagining how data is shared and transferred. As SaaS tools continue to proliferate in every company’s daily workflow, the need for continuous and robust data sharing between SaaS vendors and their customers will only grow. According to recent reports, the global ETL market is forecasted to reach $11.37 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 12.7%. However, today’s dominant model of data exchange is one where SaaS vendors don’t really have control – their customers have to wait for (and pay for) 3rd-party ETL tools like Fivetran to build connectors into a particular SaaS vendor.

Prequel is shifting the ETL paradigm by imagining a world where software vendors make it seamless for their customers to export data to their data warehouse. Since launching last year, some of the best next-generation SaaS vendors like LogRocket, Metronome, Modern Treasury, and Postscript have rolled out Prequel-powered data pipelines that are connected to their own infrastructure, powering data exports to their customers

I first met Charles and Conor when they were still testing out a predecessor idea of Prequel as first-year students at HBS. I was immediately impressed by their robust understanding of the modern data stack and opportunities within, as well as their unique blend of technical, business, and strategic minds. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with both of them since our initial investment and seeing the product come to life during the 0-to-1 journey. 

We are both excited and honored to support the team at Prequel as they continue to help build a future of B2B software where data flows freely and seamlessly between vendors and their customers.