Why NextView Invested in Pattern Brands

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Pattern Brands is and will be an exceptional company.

It’s completely unique and so special across a number of dimensions, which is why my partners and I just had to be part of its story.

Not your ordinary startup, Pattern has actually been around for a decade.  Fueled by creative genius of Emmett Shine and leadership of Nick Ling, the company as Gin Lane has become the prestigious modern branding & digital experience agency which has reshaped consumer-first businesses, launching over fifty notable startups that have touched millions and millions of customers.  Notable brands which their team has helped create include SweetgreenHarry’s, and NextView portfolio company’s Dia & Co.  It’s unmistakable that their team’s body of work is truly phenomenal.

Now, however, is the time for the company’s shift.  Rather than launching others’ brands, they’re completely transforming the business to launch and operate their own.  Pattern is a multi-brand consumer goods company owned & operated under one roof, with each of its brands working together toward one mission: “We exist to help our generation find more enjoyment in daily life.”  For us at NextView, that statement aligns so remarkably well with our own focus on championing founders who are redesigning core human experiences of the Everyday Economy.  My partners and I have been vocal that the next 25 years of the internet will be about transforming people’s everyday activities, with areas like food, housing, apparel, health, and transportation being overhauled in light of ubiquitous software, data, and connectivity.  The vision for Pattern brands fits together with that framework and ethos so well that it’s extraordinary.

Today Nick and Emmett, along with their entire team, relaunch their firm under the new Pattern name with an revolutionary next-generation DTC approach that they’re calling “DWC,” Direct With Consumer, a 21st century model for consumer brands.  This strategy empowers Pattern to serve consumers across multiple areas of their life through products and guidance, truly helping them to learn.  In conjunction, they’re announcing a sizeable round of financing to catalyze that effort, and previewing their first new brand Equal Parts.  Designed to help people find a sense of comfort and intuition in the kitchen, this first brand will complement subsequent ones which also foster daily enjoyment.

With this relaunch, Pattern is uniquely an early stage startup again, even after a ten years of creation. It’s a privilege to be a part of the next chapter of Nick and Emmett’s venture and co-invest with other firms like RRE, Kleiner Perkins, Primary, Homebrew, and Equal Ventures. It’s both the beginning of, and a continuation of, something great… as we’ve already seen the pattern of greatness which emerges from this exceptional team.