What’s new with NextView? The story behind our NextView.vc website refresh

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Over the past few months, “time” has been a consistent topic of conversation around the NextView office. This summer, we celebrated ten years as a firm, and this milestone moment naturally got us thinking about a lot of different things: the growth of our incredible portfolio companies, the opportunities we’ve had to work with the brightest founders in the game, the friendships we’ve made, the laughs we’ve shared, the failures we’ve overcome, and the feats we’ve celebrated as a team.

As someone relatively new to the VC space, I was particularly struck by the partners’ collective reflections regarding what has changed and what has remained the same. Here are some of the industry-wide mega shifts I’ve overheard as central points of water cooler discussion: the ever-increasing check size for seed rounds, the ever-changing “hottest” vertical that folks are jumping at the bit to invest in, the mere existence of platform as an arm within venture, the absolutely manic market, crypto, crypto, crypto… the list goes on. And within NextView, we’ve certainly undergone a myriad of changes ourselves (who remembers our craft beer branding circa 2011? Anyone? Anyone?). But in all seriousness, with all that has changed within the VC industry as a whole, my general takeaway is that as a firm, NextView’s core ethos and investment style have remained overwhelmingly the same. We are high-conviction, hands-on seed stage investors. And as someone coming in at the ten-year mark, I can objectively say that this mantra, this north star, this guiding principle, has worked, and it has worked really well.  

So how does all this “time talk” relate to the website refresh? ​​The concept of time, (specifically time to come), is inherent in our name, NextView. What’s next? What comes after this? To look confidently towards the future, we feel it’s only right to pay respect to the past. We’ve come a long way these last ten years, and we wanted our new website design to honor that time; retracing our steps, while also walking forward in the direction of digital trends on the horizon. More on this below.

What story are you looking to tell with the new design? 

As a firm, we’re proud of what we’ve built, we’re looking forward to what’s to come, and we like to have some fun with what we do. The new website is colorful, it’s exuberant. It showcases our personality, while simultaneously showcasing the accomplishments of our portfolio. It playfully points to the importance of time – literally showcasing our portfolio origin stories in our “how it started vs. how it’s going” investment timelines, while also figuratively pointing to the future of the firm by leaning into an unabashedly bright, playful, authentic and amorphous Gen-Z aesthetic that’s fitting with the trends of today and tomorrow. With our new design, we are hoping to meld the past, present, and future of NextView by way of an elevated, entertaining, and exciting experience for all who choose to stop by. For new founder friends who are popping in to check us out for the first time, for old industry friends who are circling back around to catch up after a while… regardless of where you fall, we are so glad you’re here! Everyone is welcome, and we wanted our website to feel like an accessible, compelling destination for all. 

Which new site features are you most excited about? 

It’s easy to focus on the accolades and accomplishments of today, but what did the NextView portfolio companies look like when they first started their journeys with us? Our “how it started vs how it’s going” timelines give you a BTS look at the glow-up stories behind some of our incredibly inspiring founders and how NextView fits into their narratives from the very beginning. Check it out! 

Our blog content is a staple of the NextView brand identity. Over the past ten years, the partners have published some truly incredible pieces, and my goal was to create a blog page that did this content justice. Today, our new blog houses curated collections and easy-to-find content filters, allowing you easier access to the posts we’ve written over the years, for years and years to come. Check it out!

Why now?

As we mentioned, this summer we celebrated 10 years as a firm. A whole entire decade of investing in the future we want to live in. What better time than a milestone birthday to give yourself a well-deserved makeover?! 

What’s next for NextView?

We’ve talked about the importance of time a lot in this post, so I’ll keep this relatively brief. But what’s next for NextView is a continuation, amplification, and betterment of all that has come before. We will continue to invest in founders who are redesigning the everyday economy. We will continue to be hands-on, high-conviction seed stage investors. We’re excited about the third cohort of our Everyday Economy Accelerator that’s kicking off early next year. We’re excited about our new Senior Associate Jack and our new MBA intern, Rian. We’re excited about our new NYC office and (hopefully) hosting more safe events in the space. There are so many exciting things on the horizon, and we are so honored that you’ve chosen to be along for the ride, in one way or another. Thanks for reading and thanks for peeping our new lewk. Let’s design the future we want to live in, shall we?