Santa As A Service

I bet many of us are waiting for packages to be delivered around this time of year. While there are several companies solving the same-day shipping predicament, I figured in the meantime, why not educate myself and other impatient package anticipators by building out a visual of how an item goes from a digital image on a website to physically appearing on your doorstep.

Indulge me as I try to understand how Santa works as a way to distract from the inner desperation of waiting for a package. 


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So look, I’m with many of you, waiting for a package to be delivered can feel torturous, but learning about the infrastructure behind ecommerce makes me appreciate the intricacy of the steps that happens behind the scenes when I buy online. There are many brilliant companies and teams working on improving the process behind ecommerce fulfillment, and I randomly selected a few to provide a bit of color in this exercise. 

We at NextView are grateful for the many companies that currently work together to create a seamless process, and are always on the lookout for teams that are working to improve this even further. Definitely give us a shout if you are. 

Wishing everyone the happiest of holiday seasons, and a shred more patience as packages are delivered.