Behind-the-Scenes with a Startup Rebrand [Traction #19: Liz Wessel, WayUp]

Oh what’s in a name? Your startup’s name and branding become objects that represent your passion, pride, and determination. But startups change their names more often than their founders or teams might like, despite all the love for their current incarnation.

So … why? What causes that? What influences should you listen to as a founder? And how the heck do you DO it?

That’s what we’ll explore today.

Liz Wessel, CEO of WayUp, made the tough choice of changing the name for the company. The decision itself was arguably the easiest part. But what came next, between branding exercises, domain squatters, legal, investors, team involvement, pushing the update live, communicating with users … well, you get the idea. The part after the decision to rebrand the actual tough part.

Follow Liz @lizwessel and visit to see the finished, rebranded product. You can also watch this hilarious video announcing their rebrand.

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